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There’s a saying in Buddhism philosophy that says, “If you’re hungry, then eat”. In a lot of ways, this type of reasoning seems downright trivial. However, when taking into account how we complicate the way we live our lives, thinking in terms of opportunity costs and the fear of wasting time, making decisions isn’t easy. Certainly in my own time at college, I’ve turned down a few opportunities with reasons like wanting to buckle down on Saturday so weekdays have lighter loads.Somehow, keeping busy and being productive all the time have become a new competition. Yet, since freshman year, I’ve learned that working all the time just isn’t feasible, and there’s no need to feel guilty for slacking off when it’s break time.

Now, you may be thinking, what does the Buddhist quote about eating have to do with what I’m talking about at all? Well, the reality is that we are an eCommerce platform where we deliver you the best food around the city. If you have a midterm on Monday, chances are you know you should be studying, but after a long week, perhaps unwinding with a few episodes of your favorite TV show is the call, So here order the food you are craving for while you are studying or while you are on with your TV show. Not only for students but for the office goers , the travelers , the stoners , the parents we have solution for all your food cravings.

We are all set to make you high or may be more higher on munchies in your comfy zone. You don't have to get yourself tangled in the hustles of the city. We fulfill your desires without burning a hole in your pocket.We are here with lots of discounts for broke students. We make discounts and offers rain. We are a team of College pass-outs , Corporate Workers , Foodies ,Travelers or say dreamers who have experienced where the happiness actually lies.

We are working for humanity.

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