Its Appettite Momos !

Honestly in these rains all I can think of is a cup of tea and something warm to munch on. However my taste buds are tired of Vada pavs and Samosas, enter : Momos.  Now once I was going home from my college and was waiting at Thane station for my train to arrive but my stomach wanted to be fed so I set off looking for something other than Vada pav to binge on and woah !! i came across “Appetite Momos”.

Now this branch of ‘Appetite Momos’ is close to station. Only the narrow road that leads to this momo paradise is something irritating especially when its crowded ( which it is almost always ! ).  As soon as I entered, I hurried to the counter and placed my order.

Now Appetite Momos serves two types of momos : fried and steamed. I decided to try both of them so I ordered ‘simply paneer’ in steamed and ‘chili cheese’ in fried, both veg, so now I needed a non veg one too so I got ‘chili cheese chicken’ as well. Best thing is this pace is budget friendly and ambience is relaxed too.

  • Simply paneer (veg/ steamed)-

Well paneer recipes are always welcome and eating paneer that is steamed inside a momo was altogether a different experience.  It was so tender yet the flavors were mild and tingling. It costs Rs 25 for half plate and Rs 50 for full plate.

  • Chili cheese (veg / fried)-

Personally I loved this one the most out of three. Fried momos tasted better than the steamed ones to me ( personal opinion fellas ). Just as you dig in the momo, the cheese bursts into your mouth and ohhhhh !! I just love that cheesiness. Plus the spiciness enhanced the overall taste. Half plate for Rs 50 and full 85 for such cheesy momos is absolutely worth.

  • Chili cheese chicken (non veg/ fried)-

Chili and cheese embedded with chicken is something a must for chicken lovers. The chicken engulfed with layer of hot cheese with its spicy flavor !! God I am salivating as i am typing this !! this is something you must taste. It costs the same for half and full plates as chili cheese (veg).

Seriously guys, this place is worth a visit plus its very easy on your pocket as I didn’t spend more than 200 for such yum momos. It is located opposite to ICICI Bank, Dada Patil Wadi, Thane (West) and is open from 10 am to 10 pm. Happy eating 🙂

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