Pop Tate’s

Its been quite long since I have visited a place like Pop Tate’s especially on a Saturday evening with people buzzing around you and giving out that weekend vibes. Pop Tate’s have like 6-7 branches across Mumbai but hey ! I visited the closest one to me at Vashi, after all its Saturday and I am too lazy to travel today.

So as soon as I entered, I had this retro feeling. The lights were perfect and the chattering people made my mood jovial as I sat and scanned the menu card. Now I had to try pizza here as it is something that makes me feel stuffed and I saw something called as ‘Veg Boombastic’ ( lol ) so I ordered that one too along with a Tuborg.

  • Farmer’s Wish-

The first one to arrive was Tuborg, which I sipped slowly absorbing the perfect Saturday environment as the pizza arrived. It was called ‘Farmer’s Wish’ which basically had toppings of corn, green peppers, olives and jalapeno and I started digging in. The pizza was pretty good as everything mingled well and when you have beer to guzzle with a pizza, everything is perfect !

  • Veg Boombastic-

Now the name really hooked me up with imagination like how exactly it will look and then it arrived. My Tuborg was done by then and so was pizza as the Boombastic sent out ‘boombastic’ cheesy aroma. It was so delicous as they melted in my mouth and along with the gravy !! they were just perfect. I loved it way more than pizza. It was not that spicy, much like the creamy and cheesy flavor. Those who love cheesy things , it is a must for them.

Overall this place has a weekend vibe about it and I strongly suggest you to visit this place with your friends to drink and eat good food. It costed me around Rs 550 after applying taxes. A rickshaw from Vashi my cost you around Rs 30-40 to reach ‘Satra plaza’ where this branch of Pop Tates’ is located. Happy eating 🙂

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