Juno’s Pizza

A pizza place newly opened up in Ghatkopar east that is perfect for all the vegetarians and Jains. Yes, you have heard it right!

I know that Navratri has come up and some of us have to stay in the vegetarian world and that is how I discovered this place that satisfies my pizza cravings and is also vegetarian. The speciality of this place is that they master in Jain and Veg pizzas along with their 20inch huge pizza. And its not just pizzas, theres more in the store than just pizzas. I liked their concept of serving drinks in a pitcher. I had ordered for a Berry chilly Pitcher which was just perfect for a group of 6 people. The pitcher saves the cost of ordering separate drinks and tastes also good.

Coming to their food, along with the pizzas, here are my top recommendations:

Mushroom soup: I’m not much of a soup person, but mushroom soup is something I would never miss. If you love starting your meal in a traditional soup way, do go for it.

Garlic Breads: I ordered two types of garlic breads i.e the regular ones and the supreme garlic bread. The supreme garlic bread is the one with lots of toppings and cheese, just the way I like it.

Baked Nachos: For the first time I had something different in nachos. The bakes nachos was so deeply dipped in cheese and veggies that even if you wanted to separate out the ingredients, there would be cheese everywhere. One highly recommended item out here.

Now they have regular thin crust and thick crust pizzas. If you are going for a 20inch pizza, you will get it in thin crust with multiple types of toppings. You can also have a half and half pizza. This is the best part of their pizzas, that you can customize it the way you want it.

Fiamma: a hot blend of spices, sweetness and crunchiness served on a thin crust of pizza.

Boss’s favorite: this is my favorite out of all as it is loaded with cheese and red paprika. Could be on a spicier side, but for a change, go for it.

The Gotz: a thick crust pizza topped with all sorts of goodness of vegetables that include zucchini, tomatoes, onion and garlic.

Greenzilla: from the appearance itself, you can make out that this is the greenzilla pizza. Based on pesto sauce, topped with broccoli, tomatoes and grilled parmesan.

Doesn’t it seem well satisfying when you are all in mood to eat just green stuff. This is a great news for all the vegetarians and jains as you don’t have to be worried over here for the right kind of topping and flavors.

Address-Shop no.2, Madhav apartment, Jawahar Road, Ghatkopar east, Mumbai

Contact no-022 30151863


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