Origin Bubble waffles

Everytime a new waffle place opens up in the city, it’s the same old styled waffles with the regular flavors and toppings. When I first heard about this place, I knew it would be something different than the others as we can see it in the name itself. Ditching the regular size, shapes and flavors of the waffles, these huge bubble waffles are catching everyone’s attention.

Located on one of the most crowded places of Mumbai, this small stall in Carter road has one waffle machine but still manages to gather people around itself like a magician. From their unique flavors and toppings, they are very moderately priced for everyone to afford.

The concept of these bubble waffles had started from Hong Kong and that’s where this brand was originated. Having their first outlet in Mumbai, they are all ready to make hundreds of waffles everyday.

They have Chocolate flavors, fresh fruits and cream in it, all served with your choice of ice cream in a cone. Out of all their flavors, their favorite one that I would recommend is:


KitKat and Nutella waffle

Earlier whenever I had waffles, I either used to get a Nutella waffle or any ordinary Chocolate flavor waffles, but the guys here have got two of my favorite flavors in one waffle. They even ask you the flavor of ice cream you want in it. The best part is that the waffles are freshly made in front of you and served hot. Their range of waffles falls between Rs120-180/-.


So next time you’re in Carter road, you know what your company is for a good walk around the sea.


Address- Opposite CCD, Carter Road, Bandra west

Contact no- 7718818814

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