vedge- a vegetarian’s paradise

A place that raises the bar for vegetarian food, now especially after their new menu. With vibrant Interiors, this place will be the first thing to catch your attention at Fun republic.

From the name itself we can make out it is a pure veg place. As a pure veg place, Vedge has come up with some amazing additions to their menu with food and drinks curated in a way that will keep the taste in you for a long time.

Ditching the regular cafe/ restaurant items, Vedge has gone beyond it’s boundaries to bring such items you may have not eaten before. Accept it or not, their new menu deserves all the appraisals.

I had visited on a weekday lunch. The place is well lit up and that’s how I got great pictures with perfect lights.

Starting with the new menu, here are the drinks I would recommend you’ll to try:


Strawberry and Cream soda

Usually we think strawberry and cream soda to be a thick drink or a milkshake type but here’s the twist, with soda added to it, this drink when mixed properly, gives you the sweetness of strawberry with the kick of soda


Italian smooch

I know it’s a very catch name and that’s the reason why I ordered it and it turned out to be really good. Remember the classic nimbu soda you’ll have? Now image that with a little more masala and Italian touch to it. How legendary can a drink get?


After the drinks, I went on towards the food. I started with more of small bites and just one from the main course and a dessert.


Crispy Corn curd

Corn starch deep fried in the form of cubes are a great start to your meal. They will win your heart at the presentation only. The cubes were served on a actual wood pieces and garnished with spices all around and served with sweet chilli sauce.



The Dimsums which I tried were the spinach, corn and coriander Dimsums. Green in color and healthy as well, served with 4 types of sauces. Highly recommended here as the taste of spinach just takes over all the food you had before and rests on your taste buds.


Upside down pizza pot pie

This by far has to be my favorite dish here. The name itself gives you a hint of how the dish actually is. But the dish is actually prepared in front of you. I mean literally, the chef comes and prepares it in front of you. With a heart full of cheese and toppings, this pizza will make your mouth water the minute it is prepared in front of you. This is the one dish which everyone should have here and should not miss by any chance.


Khao pad claypot rice

After eating so many yummy dishes and really wanted to sleep over there only. But had to go for a main course sometime. To keep it not too heavy, I went for the rice. Now this is one whole dish where the gravy comes with the rice in a claypot bowl. If you love Chinese food, this is a must have for you.


Chocolate Mud pile

Coming to the desserts. By the name itself, i had thought I will have this Chocolate pile only. To make this dessert memorable for us, the chef himself prepared it in front of us and this just makes you wanna start eating there itself.


A great treat for vegetarians, I must say. For a minute also you won’t be missing any other type of food once you start eating here. Completely value for money and at the end of the meal, it definitely leaves you satisfied.


Address-Ground floor, Fun Republic Mall, New Link Road, Veera Desai Area, Mumbai’

Contact no-022 61668906


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