The Boston Butt Sunday Brunch

A place that gives you the sophisticated old British time’s vibes with their aesthetic interiors and lights. As vintage their interiors look, their food and drinks are equally worth drooling for.

The Boston Butt has started with their Sunday Brunch Menu Which According to me is totally worth waking up early on a lazy day. Because live music, with good food, alcohol always makes the start of the Sunday perfect, isn’t it?

Talking about the service, the staff over here was well aware of the entire menu and guided my way through the brunch and the regular menu. The place is of two floors and they have enough staff to help you in every possible way.

Talking about the food and drinks, here are some of my top recommendations from their Brunch Menu which I really loved and would suggest you’ll to not miss on these items


Mango Beerita

I’m not usually a beer fan but tried this combination for the first time and absolutely loved it. Mango Margarita with Beer is what this drink is about. The mango pulp of the Margarita blended with the beer very well leaving the essence of mango in every sip

Masala Daddy

A refreshing mocktail of cranberry juice blended with chat masala and crushed coriander juice along with it.

From the food section, here are my favorites:

Jerk Shrimp

Prawns barbequed and served along with buttermilk ranch dip and some deep fried potatoes is what completes this dish.

Bloom bread

This has to be my favorite over here. Garlic bread with homemade cheese sauce stuffed in every inch makes the bloom bread yummy and dipped in goodness of cheese and difficult to share with anyone.

4cheese Mac n cheese

Who wouldn’t give their vote to the classic Mac n cheese. But this isn’t any classic man n cheese, it’s the macaroni with a sauce that is made out of four types of cheese-mozzarella, feta, cheddar and goat cheese.


Double chocolate chip skillet Cookie

One cannot leave this place without trying this dessert. It has to be by far one of the best desserts I have ever had. I’m not much of a sweet person but this dessert is definitely the winner of all. Chocolate chip large cookie served with three types of house made ice creams is by far the best combination taste wise, appearance wise and even by the level of sweetness.

A place that literally lits up your Sunday afternoon with their live music, a busy crowd with their loved ones and food you want to go on eating. Isn’t this the perfect kind of Sunday we all wait for?

Address- 1st floor, Rampart Row, Near Rhythm House, Kalaghoda, Fort, Mumbai

Contact no- 022 30151244

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