Farzi Cafe

The newest Farzi at High street pheonix has become my personal favorite out of all. It’s not just because of the food out there but the ambiance, the interior and the amazing comfort provided by the staff also. Brownie points to that. The food here is very different from the regular Zkarla places and it’s very local food with local essence and taste in it
Here are my favorites:
1) Ratatouille gujia with imli sweet chutney
This wouldn’t have tasted this good without this imli chutney. You’ll should definitely start your meal with this. The imli chutney was so good that I kept it till the end.
2)Braised lamb chops
In the non veg section, do not miss out on this one.this delicious lamb chops marinated with barbeque sauce was the bomb and couldn’t have asked for a better version.
3)Black sesame chicken Tikka
Since the black trend it going on, the chicken Tikka was also black with activated charcoal coated. The taste wasn’t different than any other chicken Tikka but they nailed the presentation.
4)Desi chowmeen
I loved this section of the menu as I felt like eating all of it. It’s rare now a days to find good chowmeen anywhere but they made it so easy for me😍
5)Kacchi Dabeli
I’m personally a Dabeli fan and I loved the way they prepared and presented it. Lived upto the Desi Dabeli expectations.
Couldn’t have asked for a better main course than this. The presentation is what stole the show. the chicken Tikka gravy and naan were brought in 2 different bowls inside a small red telephone booth. Taste wise obviously the chicken won my heart but the presentation left me stunned. A must have here.
7)Shawarma Biryani
I was skeptical about ordering this one as I didn’t know how a shawarma Biryani would taste. But again presentation was on point. The Biryani was regular only the chicken was placed in a way the shawarma is placed.
8) Chocolate dirt pie
I did not see any other options and blindly ordered for the dirt pie. No other dessert beats this beast😍
I also had a few Mocktails here which were a great companion with the food. Overall, loved the food from the beginning till the end. Highly affordable place with more than amazing food
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