A vegetarian stop for amazing Asian food. One of those rare places that have nailed the Asian food for vegetarians also. A beautiful place with very warm service provided by the staff.
Here are some of the food recommendations from my side:
1)Curried Dimsums: ditch the regular ones and rather go for the curried Dimsums as they were a great way to start the meal with.
2)Panko crusted maki with pickled veggies: A sushi with crisp panko crumb, vinegared rice and pickled veggies inside is a definite try here.
3) Cucumber coriander uda maki: Didn’t really like the taste of the cucumber and corriander especially after having a crisp sushi. Preferably try it before ordering the panko crust sushi
4) ‎Peri Peri paneer bao: they named it peri Peri paneer bao just because they served a Peri Peri sauce as a dip but I highly felt it should just be called Paneer bao as that makes more sense.
5) ‎Naked burrito in a bowl: potentially my favorite item here. Very nicely presented and prepared. A must have here.
6) ‎Black sesame ice cream: liked the idea and how this sesame ice cream tasted. Quite unique. Although I wished they came up with more dessert options as there seemed to be very limited ones.
Overall, a decent if you’re craving for some Asian food. Their sushis are a must have, the pot rice, dumplings and the burrito in a bowl. Wasn’t quite impressed with the bao, but could have done way better.
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