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Who said biryanis are kept only for special days? With Biryani world’s Biryanis you can literally afford biryani every day. This delivery joint is present in 4 locations in Mumbai- Powai, Kopar Khairne, Dombivali and Kalyan.

Speaking about their delivery service. I was said that my order will reach by 2pm and it did not reach on time; but it reached before time with the food being hot. The packaging of the food was in air tight containers because of which the food remained impressively hot and ready to it. The containers were oven friendly so we could heat them also again, but there was really no need for re heating the food.

Let’s take about what all came along with the biryani. Along with each box of biryani they had sent a packet full of raita, a huge gulab jamun, a bottle of packed drinking water, a bottle of chaas, fork spoons, some wet and dry tissues and to finish off your meal a mouth refresher also! Quite impressive, isn’t it?

They had already impressed us with their packaging and the products they had sent with the biryani that we could wait to try their biryani. You’ll might be thinking what’s so great in Biryani world’s biryani? Biryani is the same everywhere and it has the same ingredients and procedure. What makes it so different? Even if the procedure and ingredients are different there are some types of pastas or pizzas that you’ll might like of one place and really love it from some particular place.

Here are their main biryanis which we tried and we’ll tell you why it’s so worth drooling for:

  • Veg dum biryani

With their air tight containers, as soon as you open it, it totally gets you with its aroma. The fresh rice with the veggies and the strong masala will not want to get away from your senses. The masala was medium spicy and they maintained the combination of veggies and masala really well. The quantity of the biryani was massive. Not just one; it can fill stomach of 2 people easily. They did not leave anything missing. The raita along with biryani just makes your afternoon better by telling you how perfect your life can be if you don’t have to get up from your biryani to get the raita. The gulab jamun was a huge one, perfectly sweet and was just like the cherry on the cake. All of this comes for Rs-185/- per plate of Veg dum biryani.


  • Chicken Biryani

Now I know that if I wrote about the chicken biryani first, none of you’ll might even read the veg biryani. But after reading about the veg biryani, you will realize how better life is with chicken, am I right? Remember what I said about the quantity of the veg biryani? Well same goes for the chicken biryani but with lots of huge chicken pieces. Usually when we go out to eat, for chicken dishes we get disappointed because of their quantity of chicken pieces but here they have not compromised on anything. The chicken pieces were soft, freshly cooked and huge pieces. This chicken biryani is not meant for one person. With their quantity, it can easily fill stomach of two people. The entire plat of chicken biryani comes for Rs-199/-

Some food places leave such a great impression that every time you want to order food, they are the first ones that come to your mind. For me, Biryani world will be one of those places where I will order biryani first from.


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