A place that is more than it’s name. Breadkraft specializes in making their own cakes, breads, farsans, Frankies, pastries and most of the items you see in their shop.

Opened this year in Bandra, this place becomes a proper hangout food spot to get the best sandwiches, Frankies for college peeps and people around Bandra.

The best part about the food they cook here apart from their bakery is that they don’t compromise on the quality and quantity they are serving.

They have over 200 types of Bread products cooking in their kitchen everyday.

The must haves here:

1)Butter Chicken Cheese Frankie

One Frankie you should not miss here at all is this one. Even if I had to travel till here, I wouldn’t mind because the butter chicken Frankie here is the bomb I never had before. Usually whenever I eat butter chicken outside it’s sweet, but here the chicken genuinely has butter in it and lots and lots of cheese. Moreover it’s so thick and huge and one person cannot finish this. This comes at Rs190/- which is more than enough to fill one person’s tummy.


2)Cheese Garlic Bread

As I said before, there is no compromise here in quality. I’ve had cheese garlic bread as starters in many restaurants and they are literally just garlic breads with a sprinkle of cheese on top but the garlic bread here is literally dipped in cheese and they just come 4 pieces for Rs100/- how valuable is that


Bandra being the prime location, this place is just to the rescue for your shopping hunger or evening snacks or even cake orders. They all make it inhouse in their kitchen and trust me they keep their quality and quantity above everything

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