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Café Mangii in the Powai has usually been the attraction for food and drinks out there. On the 8th July 2017, they had conducted a bloggers meet where they introduced a few new dessert items along with a special menu for the bloggers meet. The main aim of the meet was the new dessert menu by their very talented pastry chef who’s not only presentation skills caught our eyes, but also the combination of ingredients used in the desserts were quite unique.


We started off with the mocktails, the appetizers, the mains and the desserts in the end. If it were on me, I would have gone with the desserts first.


Talking about the section which you’ll must be eagerly waiting for. Yes, the dessert section. Grab on tight as we take you to the sweet journey.


Apple crumble

The apple crumble was served in a glass where you can see the multiple layers it was made up of. The multiple layers were the Flambé apple, some dry fruits crushed into small pieces, almond crumble and apple chips. As you take one spoon, you are supposed to grab all the layers at one to get the best taste of it.


Mocha Fudge Cake

All the coffee lovers, here is the real bomb for you’ll. The mocha fudge cake had 2 types of desserts in itself. One of the mocha cake on which the  mocha bomb was sandwiched with a chocolate layer on top and whipped cream to add cherry to the cake. A total paradise for dessert lovers, isn’t it? The fudge cake overall had a complete taste of mocha but not too much as it would take away the sweetness. But I loved how they kept the sweetness level to a point yet maintaining the mocha flavor.


Nutella Surprise crunch

Well who doesn’t love Nutella? And its never a harm to eat Nutella in any other form. The hazelnut cake with milk chocolate mousse on top and decorated with caramelized hazelnut. It just wasn’t a treat to the eyes, but also was a treat to the taste buds. The mousse along with the hazelnut creameux really complimented each other.



My favorite dessert over here is the molleux as it reminds me a bit about the sizzling brownie with ice cream but it challenged that concept and made a better version out of it. The base of molleux is a classic French buttery chocolate biscuit that comes with vanilla ice cream on top. The biscuit was hot and buttery, and as you take a bite with the ice cream, the combination of hot and cold melts in your mouth like butter. The amount of sweetness was just perfect and the hot & cold combination is the classic yet the best combination.



At first I thought it was a regular tiramisu but when I tasted it I realized its no regular tiramisu but the tiramisu had alcohol infused in it. What a unique combination of classic tiramisu with a solid chocolate as a base and a pinch of alcohol infused in it.


Overall, I loved the new additions of desserts to their menu as it gives me more reasons to visit café mangii now. And guess what? Its not a temporary menu, but it is going to remain permanent in their menu.


address- 3, Transocean house, hiranandani business park, powai

contact no- 022 25705139
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