Genuine Broaster Chicken

Genuine Broaster chicken doesn’t need an introduction as it speaks for itself. With its wide range of both veg and non-veg dishes that leave you awestruck every time, they have got some new additions to their menu also. Broaster Chicken has its multiple outlets all over the globe. All he outlets in India are let by Chef Harpal and this is their new outlet opened in Navi Mumbai- Vashi Satra plaza.


As a hardcore non-vegetarian, I always go for the non veg menu only, but this time I decided to try both veg and non veg along with some of the new additions to the menu. Talking about the ambiance: All over Mumbai, the Versova outlet had been my favorite but this one is huge and has pretty interiors, well lit up and also they have live band performances in house. That just brightens up the place even more. The place is huge with a bar and can occupy up to 100 people. They also host parties which is a bonus, right?


They have a new drinks menu which I absolutely loved as they have innovative names and concepts behind it. So lets start with their new drinks menu:


Sneaky caramel freakshake

They have a whole new freakshake menu as its always trending, out of which I loved the Sneaky caramel freakshake as it’s not too sweet. If you are looking to have lot of food here, do not go for the freakshake as it fills you halfway and you wont be able to eat much that way. The freakshake has all of your childhood favorites- gems, snickers, caramel and cookie crumbles that makes it less sweet compared to the chocolate ones and this you can enjoy throughout the end of your meal.


Coco mango mojito

First, I was reluctant about this drink as it has coconut in it and I usually don’t prefer coconut in drinks or food, but when I tried it, it completely changed my mind as it was very refreshing and chilled drink. It will literally take your thought about summer drinks to another level as it was medium sweet, had the taste of mango and a bit of coconuts. One of my favorite drinks here.


Bloody, Virgin Mojito


Watermelon local refresher


Coming to the food section:


Firangi Palak Paneer dip

This was honestly the yummiest veg dish I had here. I was shocked to know that this item was on the menu since a long time and I had never tried it. When I had asked which is the dish that I should try from the veg menu, the chef and many people suggested to try this but I thought what is so great in palak paneer? But after tasting this, oh god veg food was never this good. The palak was blended with the cheese very well with the cottage cheese small cubes. The pita bread with this dip was certainly the best version of palak paneer I had till date. I would highly recommend this dish to everyone who is a vegetarian or a non vegetarian. This dish comes for Rs 239/-.


Melting chicken pillow

No, it doesn’t look anyway like pillows but its surely soft like pillows. The melting chicken pillows has soft chicken blended with cheese and deep fried. These pillows are served with the mango jalapeno dips which makes for the best combination out of the non- veg appetizers. There are total 6 pillows and it comes at Rs 169/-.


Indie Makhani Franchos

Franchos section has all of my favorite type of spices. This flavor was in the previous menu also but I’m trying it for the first time. The Indie makhana flavor comes for both veg and non-veg variants. The main base is regular French fries with white creamy sauce, typical Indian makhana gravy and some jalapenos on the top. The franchos comes for Rs 199/-.


Ghotala non-veg khichdi

I’m trying food from the Indie section for the first time here. When they said Indie section they literally meant it with the type of food, spices, masala and spicy level. Now the term khichdi because the rice is not dry as they have in pulao or biryani. I liked the concept of bringing khichdi and not the mainstream biryani. Now the khichdi has boneless lamb chunks, chicken kheema, fried egg strips. So it’s a complete non veg treat you are getting with this khichdi. The price of this khichdi is Rs319/-


Crusty cheese burger (veg)

Well, according to me one cannot miss the burgers here. Be it veg or non veg, you won’t find burgers like this anywhere else. Starting from the veg section, the crusty cheese burger was a huge burger with cheese balls filled in it and patty of smoked barbeque with vegetables filled in the burger. The price of this burger is Rs-249/-


The great Khali burger (non veg)

I bet from the name of this burger itself you might have guessed the physical features of this burger. The burger is huge and has just one patty but has multiple fried chicken layers in it. The size and the quantity completely justifies the name. at the bandra outlet, they even have the great khali challenge where if you finish this burger within a given specific time, you get it for free and everytime you have to break the record of the previous challenger’s time. How interesting could that be? The price of this burger is Rs 289/-


Chocolate samosa with mango ice cream

Obviously not ending without a dessert and yes it is a new addition to their dessert menu. I’m more of a mango person than a chocolate person and I was quite hesitant on the combination. But after trying this combination, I don’t think any other ice cream flavor would have complimented the chocolate samosas. I was happy to see that the samosas were small in size as too big samosas would have ruined the taste. The price of this dessert is Rs139/-


By now I have surely convinced that you should not judge a book by its cover. Just because the name has chicken in it does not mean that it favors more towards chicken and does injustice to the vegetarians. Also, they have live music in house during evenings that will just brighten up your evenings.

address-Shop no.115, first floor, satra plaza, vashi, navi mumbai

contact no=022 33716049
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