Sasson Docks Art Project

Have you been visiting a regular building in your vicinity and all of a sudden, one day, you see that the regular building is not regular anymore! It’s become something people are travelling miles to come and see, something people have lined up to see!

Yes! That’s what has happened to the Sasson Docks in Colaba. The Sasson docks has been a place for the import and export of fishes since decades and today the people who used refuse to visit that place, are standing in queues to visit it. All thanks to Start India for their wonderful recreation of Sasson Docks v2.0.

Like any other place that imports and exports fishes, people never visit to just see the beauty of that place! But now, everyone wants to see the beauty Sasson docks has turned into!

From painting walls, to decorating rooms with recyclable plastics, to graffitis. This place has made sure to catch your attention.

Now let me tell you more about Start India Foundation:

Start India Foundation has been carving their signatures since the past 3 years, slowly and slowly but covering some of the beautiful walls of our favorite cities. It’s been forever since we’re talking about cleaning cities, don’t spoiling the public places but have we all followed it together?

It’s true that change begins from home and that is what the people at “Start India” have taken seriously.

What better way to keep your city clean that painting it beautiful and making every normal wall/ location a tourist spot?

Start India Foundation souly believes in “Art for All”. The group of artists have been roaming and engraved their signs in 4 cities in India which counts Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad.

They don’t need an exhibition or a hall to display their art, our heritage, walls itself are a canvas for them.

When I visited the Sasson docks, my favorite part in that whole building was the “Room of plastics”. When I asked one of their team members, they explained me how they gathered 220kgs of plastic and decorated it inside a room. Only an artist can think of these things


Are you ready to visit this Art transformation? But better be quick as it is till the 30th December 2017 and timings are Thursday-Sunday, 12pm-10pm.


Address-Sasson Docks, Colaba Fire Brigade, Mumbai 400-005

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