The Good Wife, BKC

A Sunday afternoon with some drinks along with your loved ones, a buffet menu to hog on and some live music side by side. I don’t think this is one of the times you would wanna refuse the chance of making your Sunday more beautiful.

Good vibes, good food, good drinks- Isn’t this what we all expect our Sunday to be filled of?

The Good Wife at BKC has come up with a Sunday Brunch menu which we absolutely loved.


Talking about the place: A place with beautiful ambiance, buffet system and some live music. The staff was very friendly and made sure that the service is quick and perfect.


To begin with, we had few cocktails from their drinks menu. The drinks menu had some cocktails, mocktails, wines perfect for the weather. The drinks we had gone for were- Mrs. Robinson, The Good Wife, Bloody Married.


To begin our Brunch with we had some classic french fries and slices of pizza. I liked how they served pizza in slices and not the whole pizza as we were able to have more varieties of food with just the slices. They had two types of pizzas- the regular veg and the chicken pizza.


Coming to the big dishes, I’ll start with what we had from the vegetarian’s menu. The Green Garlic Risotto was steamed Rice tossed in the curry of pesto and garlic sauce. The next we had in the vegetarian section was the Herb Cottage Cheese steak with lebanese Pilaf. This was my favorite among the veg food as the cottage cheese was so soft that it could mix well with the rice and yet melt in the mouth. The rice was slightly fried with some herbs, made into a pilaf and served with the cottage cheese and some veggies.


In the non vegetarian section, we had the Teriyaki Marinated Grilled chicken with scallion mashed potato. This was basically grilled chicken marinated with barbeque sauce and served with some mashed potatoes. The chicken wasn’t as soft as I had expected it to be, but at the end it just matters on everyone’s preparation. The next we had was Prawns & Calamari Al-Ajillo. I would anyday prefer prawns over chicken and here also I loved the way they served the prawns along with some breads. It was light on the stomach but was a perfect meal for one person.


Coming to section we couldn’t get enough of. Yes, the desserts section. There was a huge dessert sections which consisted of: Philadelphia cheesecake, Caramel custard, Chocolate mousse, fruit salad, Belgian Chocolate pastry and what not.


A buffet menu with unlimited salads, desserts, and wide range of food items and drinks. What else does a Sunday brunch demand. We loved it how The Good wife has given us a chance to have lazy mornings and yet have this filling Brunch.


address- ground floor, the capital, G block, behind ICICI bank building, BKC, mumbai

contact no- 022 30151338
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