The Midnight Kitchen

With all our daily habits, lifestyles, those days are gone where we followed “early to bed and early to rise” moto. Everyday is just late nights, sleepless nights at time(atleast for me). In such cases I nearly come across a situation where midnight hunger strikes and it just wont let you work any further, and if there wasn’t anything at home, you’re done with that work also.


One day I had enough of this situation and thought of ordering food past midnight. Went out of the house and as usual everything was shut, checked Zomato and that time I found a place open and could give me food delivered. Well, isn’t such situations where you feel you just won a lottery? That is exactly what I felt. The midnight kitchen has an amazing menu they can deliver at your place from 9pm to 3am everyday. I went home and it didn’t really feel like past midnight and ordered food. They have a vast menu to fulfill your hunger. From French fries, to Maggie, to pizzas, to papad and to even desserts, they have all the varieties for your hunger.


Talking about the delivery, the order was delivered exactly within an hour of the promised time. The joint is in girgaum which is a bit far from my house so I thought the food might get delivered late than promised but they made it exactly on time. Since their joint is in south Bombay, they deliver from colaba to lower parel. Talking about the packaging, the food I received was in the desired temperature I thought of. The food was packed in an air tight container with their brand label on top, the desserts were still cold. Here is what all I ordered:


Pull apart cheese garlic bread

There is no time where you can’t have cheese. Be it 9am, 2pm or even 1am, cheese is always on my list and this midnight snack was yummier than even my dinner. I was surprised as to how the bread was still hot, soft and had so much of cheese in it when it arrived here. In Rs165/- this cheese garlic pull apart bread did its perfect part as it had the mozzarella cheese pulled out with every bite.


Pav bhaji maggi

Midnight maggi? Hell yes! I know its more fun to cook maggi at home and then eat but I’m very lazy so this had to happen. But pav bhaji maggi? This is something I looked and tasted for the first time. It was obvious that it had the pav bhaji taste but this good, did not know that. I don’t know what their secret was to make maggi with the exact Mumbai pav bhaji taste, but whatever it was, I’m sure even if I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it this good. In Rs95/- you wouldn’t get a better pav bhaji pizza than this.


Jamun Guava Chilly Popsicles

I know I could have ordered a normal dessert which is not an ice cream. I was afraid that my dessert just shouldn’t become water by the time it reaches me but the popsicles surprisingly reached in perfect non-melting shape. They bring popsicles by Icecremo which cost you Rs80/-


So now within 400bucks, you can easily kill your midnight hunger by their amazing midnight snacks. I like how they haven’t kept heavy food items on their menu and just snacks. So next time midnight hunger is killing you, you know whom to call.


address- CP tank, Giragum

contact no- 9987248600
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