Where’s my Food?

Craving for some hot chicken dishes in these rains? You don’t need to worry about where your food is as “Where’s my food?” Brings you the yummiest of chicken lollipops, fishes, and some unlikely combination of drinks.

“Where’s my food?” Is located at Andheri and also delivers around Andheri. Their menu is based on continental and Chinese cuisine and since I’m more of a Chinese person, I would highly recommend trying their Chinese food. From their continental cuisine, the main course had a wide variety and wouldn’t disappoint you with their choice of spices and combination

Talking about the place, they have a chilled vibe at the place with a friendly staff and great hospitality by the entire team.

Here are some of my top recommendations:



Usually I like to start off drinks with something light so that it doesn’t fill me up much for the rest of the food. My favorite drink here is the Spicy guava slush. Remember the guava we have during summer with that spicy masala in it? Yes, imagine that with lots of ice in a glass. Getting nostalgic already? We have a runner up here also and that is the classic Oreo milkshake. While there are some people like me who like trying new stuff Everytime, there are people who like to stick to the regulars and for them Oreo Milkshake is a must.




Chicken Masala Dry Lollipop

I know it says dry lollipop but it’s not the kind of dry you think it is. It is the healthy kind of dry, less oily kind of dry. These chicken leg pieces are fried with masalas which make it less oily than the deep fried lollipops and that’s what makes it my favorite place for having chicken lollipops


Lemon Herb Basa

Since I just had the best chicken, after the satisfaction, I wanted to try some other dish and hence went for seafood. This was the first time I tried basa and trust me, it couldn’t have tasted better. The basa fish was so soft and went well with the lemon rice served with it


Chicken Grilled in Black pepper

Now no matter how much I say, I won’t ever have enough of chicken and hence went for grilled chicken with some rice along. Usually I prefer my chicken to b le soft so I won’t have trouble while cutting it, but the preparation differs from place to place. The grilled chicken they served here was more chewy and had a perfect combination with the veggies and rice


Banana split

Now this is a recent addition to the dessert menu and I must say, an amazing choice made here. I thought banana spilt would be something with just bananas. But they have bananas, with ice creams,  Chocolate sticks and KitKat. Could this dessert be  more satisfying?


Now here are two options in front of you: going for a lavish dinner with some unhealthy food or going to a much friendly place with pocket friendly food? The choice is yours

Address- 10th Road, JVPD scheme, Opposite JVPD bus stop, Juhu circle, Juhu, Mumbai

Contact no- 022 60507999
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