Elementaria Bakery Cafe

Located in the corporate hub. This place catches quite a huge crowd and is full most of the time. It was difficult for me to get a place first but once I had the food I realized it was all worth it. The staff is really caught up as the place is full most of the time, but Don’t worry if you get your food a bit late because the food is what is going to make you forget everything else.
Here are a must haves here from my side:
1)Hazel velvet tub cake(5/5)
Red velvet tub filled with Nutella inside is the hazel velvet tub cake. I would prefer this over Chocolate anyday and if you love Nutella, this is something that will take you to heaven.
2)Intense tub cake(4/5)
After trying the hazel velvet tub, I didn’t find this better than the previous one. But if you’re a chocolate lover, you’ll definitely like this one.
3)Japanese box(4/5)
Most of their salads had sweet potato in it. I usually don’t like sweet potatoes but in this salad, the taste really complimented. The quantity of the salad is too much. It is enough to fill up 2 people without anything else. Although they had mentioned pomegranate in their salad which I did not find in the dish.
4)Spicy Mustard croissant (5/5)
I loved how they did savory croissants and waffles. The croissant itself looks so pretty that it tempts you and you will end up eating it.
Overall, loved the food here. I really wanted to try many other things but I must say that they have served quality food with the pricings they offer as I was stomach full by the end of all this.
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