Been to many places in BKC but this one has to be the most crowded and happening one there. A huge place with fusion dishes at it’s best and not missing out on their outstanding drinks and desserts. After powai, this place has just got better here. Quick servicing by the whole staff. Didn’t experience any sort of delay in my orders.
Here are some of my food recommendations you can look into while visiting this place:
1)”Naan” achi tang- if you’re a chicken and naan lover then this is one thing you shouldn’t miss at all. Chicken tangdi served with cheese naan is one hell of a combination.
2)Prawn jaye par- I loved the name of the dish and ordered it just because of the name. But the looks of it only you’ll realize it’s not at all a spicy dish. Prawns with flavors of garlic in it. If you like a little pale dish with less flavors then this is what you should have.
3)Baida Curry- I was really heavy with the naan achi tang and I wanted to have something light. But their quantity is so filling that it will make sure you have most of the dish you ordered. The Baida curry is the classic egg curry served with naan. I felt it was on a bit sweeter side than the regular one.
4)Baratiyo ka swagat- If you love paan flavored desserts then this is going to be your favorite. Dutch truffle topped with Paan flavored jelly and candy floss. This beautiful looking dessert is to die for.
5)Laila Majnu- living quite appropriately with it’s name, this heart shaped dessert is double decker of dark chocolate and white chocolate.
1)Spicy Martini- this devilish looking drink is one of the best martinis I’ve had. With spices mixed well with vodka, this drink is perfect to get you started
2)Caramel popcorn rita- Caramel popcorn on your drink? Who wouldn’t want that!
Overall, it’s a perfect place to party on Friday, have a brunch on Sunday. I loved how they named each item on their menu and the way it was well presented as per it’s name.
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