JW Cafe Sahara

Visited for Sunday brunch and I couldn’t expect a better way to spend my Sunday than this. The place was filled with food from all the possible corners I can see. Their buffet is the best way to relax and fill out our tummy. From a wide range of options, this place is going to leave you bloated at the end of your meal and it’s something you ain’t gonna regret. So before you go for the buffet here are all the counters you will see there:
1)Live Chaat counter
2)Soup counter
3)Indian curry counter
4)Sea food counter
5)Dumplings counter
6)Live pasta counter
7)Fruit salad counter
8)Sushi counter
9)Cheese counter
10)Waffles counter
11)Desserts and candy counter
12)Bar counter
Every counter had covered most of it’s main dishes and it’s not just the dishes from Mumbai but from all over the region. The Chaat counter had chats from Delhi, Mumbai. The sushi and the dumplings counter were one of my favorite after the Indian curry and pasta counter. They have the waffle separately which makes amazing waffles. In the dessert counter my favorite were the Chocolate truffles(the alcoholic one)
Their buffet is from 12.30pm-3.30pm.
Their Sunday brunch buffet costs INR 3800/-(with alcohol)
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