New Tella Cafe

Opened newly in lokhandwala, this place has come up with some interesting food items on their menu and it’s nothing regular like other cafes. I absolutely love their logo, their menu is quite vast and has innovative items. To start with, my favorite here are:
1) Sizzling potato trio: These are potato on sizzlers with potatoes cut and friend in various shapes. Ditch the regular french fries and go for this, you’ll love it.
2) ‎Chicken Sandwich- The sandwich was very regular but loved the filling of cheese with chicken and mayo perfectly balanced inside.
3) ‎Grilled Chicken pizza- This is an 8inch pizza which is the best you can get at the price they are offering it. Thin crust chicken pizzas at it’s best.
4) ‎Halloween pineapple mojito-The name itself is so attractive that I had to order this one. Not just the name, but the presentation and the taste is so refreshing.
5) ‎The Pancake tower- This is ahl huge pancake tower of total 8 fluffy pancakes with all fruits and cream all over it. It’s so much that it’s enough to fill out 3-4 people
One of the best reasons to visit this place is because it’s value for money and the quantity presented in that price is absolutely worth it.
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