Pi Pizzeria

This place has always been a go to place when it comes to European pizzas. Now with their new menu, they have opened up their options to risottos, pastas and more!
Some of my favorites here are:
1)Cream A’ Zuppa Di Funghii- If you’re a mushroom lover, this is a must try. I’m a mushroom and pepperoni lover hence most of the dishes have mushrooms in it.
2)Baked mushroom with pesto and mozzarella- Again a mushroom dish that you are just gonna love. The only problem is that it gets a little bit more oily because of the cheese.
3)Stagioni- A combination of ham, pepperoni, olives is what this heavenly pizza made of
4)Penne polo fungii bake- The New addition to their menu and it just couldn’t get better. My favoritest item on the menu has to be this pesto penne with mushrooms and mozzarella topped all over.
Now it’s not just about pizzas but something more than that and it’s totally worth it. Do not miss out on their pizzas and risottos
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