Francessco’s Pizzeria

Located inside Colaba, this place is the best here where you can get thin crust pizzas with loathful varieties in it.
Be it pastas or pizzas, their preparation and quality of food has always left me awestruck which is what drove me to try food from their 2nd outlet. Here are some must haves from their menu:
1)Pollo Cacciatore
Chicken drumsticks cookedb with garlic, white wine and rosemary sauce. If you like to start with something non spicy, then this is what you should order.
2)The Bull’s eye
This pizza is from their new pizza additions and I can say without a doubt that this one is going to stay for the longest time. It’s presentation has won my heart in the 1st time itself, then the choice of toppings and not to forget how these toppings blend into giving you an unforgettable taste. Spinach, bacon, cheese, and sunny side up on a pizza. What more could one ask for.

3)Peri Peri Chicken & Pizza Al Porcini
These 2 combinations are my favorite and I wanted to try both hence made a half and half pizza of both. Peri Peri chicken is the best selling here and without a doubt I can agree to it after trying. Pizza Al Porcini is my personal favorite. If you love mushrooms, then this is the pizza for you.

For desserts, do not forget to try their Broffile, it’s their best dessert and one of the best dessert you’ll have. The staff here has coordinated well with my orders and service here. If you’re around Colaba and want to ditch regular pizzas and have something outstanding, this is the place you should go to.

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