MIP: Ministry of Pancakes

With all the upcoming waffles and pancakes place, this place has made its stand with their new and different flavors of waffles, shakes and mini pancakes😍
The interiors of this place is the prettiest thing you’ll probably see in your day. I just tried the mango shake which is the best of the season and I found it best here only❤
For waffles and mini pancakes here are my recommendations:
1)Dark and White Adventure Waffle
I really wanted to try something with white chocolate and this is basically your Chocolate waffle with white chocolate sauce and white chocolate chips on it. If you love white chocolate, do not miss out on this one

2)Mango waffle
Also, never miss out the season specials. Mangoes on top of Belgian waffles with white chocolate chips. I love how they have experimented with toppings and the one they are presenting are totally complimenting each other.

3)Pancake Platter- Nutella & Berry
This was something new where you get a mini pancake platter of 6 mini pancakes of one flavor and rest 6 of other flavors. I wanted to try 2 very different flavors. Hence I went for the Nutella and berry. The Nutella one is the classic mini pancake with Nutella all over it and the berry one is with whipped cream and berry sauce on top of it.

Many are places with very average type of waffle flavors and pancakes but I personally love this one for the new flavors they are experimenting with😍

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