Located in the lanes of pali hill, if you’re looking for a place where you can grab a quick snack, lunch if you’re running late or on the go without making a whole in your pocket but filling up your tummy.
I honestly love the whole concept of pavs with such heavy stuffings. You can legit have your favorite kheema or paneer with pavs and it just gets better.
Some of my recommendations from this place are:
1)Paneer & Cheese pav- For all the vegetarians, this is the most selling item on their menu and one option you can go for anytime. It comes with a paneer Patty and cheese all over it.

2) Mushroom & cheese pav- I personally love mushrooms in anything and I was glad they didn’t make it a Patty because mushroom in it’s whole form tastes better. They mixed mushrooms with cheese and served it inside a pav.

Here I tried just the veg options but from the non veg menu, their chicken Sriracha, kheema are one of the best sellers. Don’t be mistaken with the size of the outlet, they even have dessert options such as Nutella pav😍. They even have good juicery juices in the store. This is one place which is believe should be outside every office I feel

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