Typhoon Shelter

One of the best fine dine places I’ve been to in the longest time. This place has raised the bars of how dedicated name of place can show in it’s smallest and biggest forms. As you enter, you can see the interiors depict the Japanese tradition in every aspect, the ceilings change colors as per the weather conditions outside and that is something that will catch hold of your attention.
The staff here is well dressed and has knowledge about the food,drinks served and can even explain you with details about the history and concept of the food served here.
Here are some of my recommendations from this place:

1)Dimsuns- Succulent lamb crystal ball & Corn-fed chick n shao Mai
Starting the meal with classic dimsums, the crystal dimsums are a bit dry,on the other had the Corn-fed chicken dimsums is a better option to try from these two. If you really want to choose from chicken options then this is the one you should go for.

2)Numb numb chicken bao
These are a portion of 2 small baos with chicken bits in it, and corn. These leave a good after taste.

3)Red braised prok belly spring rolls
If you love pork belly then definitely go for it. These are medium sized spring rolls with prok belly in it. I like how they have Combined crispy spring rolls with soft pork belly inside.

4)The Dan Dan Noodles & Pork Belly fried rice
It’s difficult to choose one of the above two as they’ve both been made in different aspects and both have excelled in it. I tried the Dan Dan Noodles for the first time and I loved how the Sichuan peanut sauce blended completely with the chicken and the noodles. The pork belly I had here have to be the softest ones I’ve had. The pork belly here is something one should definitely come back for.

5) Dessert- Zen
Their dessert creation is beyond extraordinary. This dessert not only excells in looks , but also taste and perfection. These are crystal like soft caramel vanilla and hazelnut crunch that just melt into your mouth with the caramel. Do not finish your meal or leave the place with the trying this dessert here.

Tidal mist, spice route, BA are the highlight drinks of the meal. Made with precision, the bartender explained me the concept behind the drinks and it just made me enjoy this drink even more.

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